City Church Kids - three children smiling

Kids at City Church

At City Church, we believe children are a gift from the Lord and we want to teach them to love and trust Jesus! Our goal is to truly be a church family, which means our gatherings might look a little different than what you’re used to. We firmly believe that one of the ways children learn best is by observing adults. So when they’re present in the main gathering, our goal is not to keep them quiet at all costs, but rather to engage with us. So when (not if 😆) they make a bit of noise, that doesn’t ruffle our feathers at all.

For our little ones (1-3yo), a parent-child space with toys and activities for quiet play is provided at the back of the theatre. For our 4-8yo, we do have Sunday School during the message, but they come back in at the end for our prayer and worship time. Our Sunday School program aims to keep the Gospel about Jesus front and centre while laying a foundation of Bible knowledge and teaching them to apply it to their own lives in age appropriate ways. For the older ones, we provide an activity sheet with questions about what’s happening in the service so they can also engage with what’s going on during the message.

If you have further questions about Children’s Ministry at CCW, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.