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City Church is a new church in Wolverhampton. We’ve been gathering together at St. Peter’s Collegiate School since July 2021. Beneath this paragraph, we’ve tried to gather some basic information to help you find us and what you can expect from our regular Sunday morning gatherings. If you have any further questions or would like to meet with someone prior to joining a Sunday gathering, please fill out the form below and we’ll respond within a day or two. You can also have a look at previous sections over on our Sermon Archive page.

1. What to Expect:

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10am. However, there are always several families who arrive early to set up chairs, organize the tea & coffee, connect the PA system, and prepare Sunday School for children. Normally by 9:45, setup is complete and you’re likely to hear chatting and laughing. If you arrive early, you’ll most certainly receive a warm welcome and a hot drink! The Bible says the church is like a family, so we try to act like it in the best sense of the term: informal, warm, and welcoming. Come just as you are and find rest.

Usually around 10am, we’ll begin a more focused time of worship. This usually involves singing songs of worship together with lyrics projected on a screen and accompanied by an acoustic guitar, piano, and percussion.

This is usually followed by a time of prayer in small groups. Praying out loud is not required, but we believe that God is our Father and loves to hear us talk to him! Children are usually involved in this time of prayer and then are dismissed for Sunday School. Our Sunday School teachers prepare a Bible lesson, games, crafts, and songs each week for our children aged 3-11.

Once the children have left, someone will teach from the Bible. We believe God speaks directly to us through the Bible, so we take time each Sunday to hear what He has to say and how it relates to life today. The service ends with a song and a blessing, but most folks stick around to chat afterwards.

2. Our Location:

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10am at: St. Peter’s Collegiate School, Compton Park, Compton Road W., Wolverhampton WV3 9DU. Please see the map below for further instructions and click to enlarge. We park on the staff car park (in pink) and meet in the theatre building (blue with City Church logo). The dashed pink line shows the pathway from the car park to the theatre building. There will be banners and signs at the entrance to the car park.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: for those arriving from the Tettenhall Road (A41) via Newbridge Crescent end of Compton Park, there is a large black gate across the road before the staff car park. This means you CAN’T access the staff car park when arriving from that direction, but you CAN park in the street on that side of the gate and walk the short distance to the theatre.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: For those arriving from the Compton Road end of Compton Park, you must travel nearly all the way to the black gate, past the the Wolves’ training ground entrance, before you find the staff car park.


Compton Road: Bus 9, 10, 10A, 10B – Adult Education Centre or Avenue Road

Tettenhall Road: Bus 1, 891 – Balfour Crescent

Once again, if you have any questions please fill out the contact form below and we’ll respond shortly.





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