Project Description

Matthew 1 | The Name of Jesus

Speaker: Rev. Timothy D. Berry

Genealogies are funny and interesting things. To some a boring list of of names, but scratch the surface and you find a treasure trove of fascinating insights. From this perspective, we dive into Jesus’ own genealogy in Matthew 1 over the next four weeks as we meditate on Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham and the God who does, and doesn’t, have a birthday.



Matthew 1 | Fulfilment

Speaker: Rev. Andrew L. Berry

Jesus’ Genealogy is fascinating because it encompasses all the History of the Old Testament. That in itself is a Master Class in God’s ability as the ‘Master Weaver’. Then, as we saw last week we see God using all kinds of people to bring his planned redemption into being. This week we want to look at 3 characters who are ‘types’ in terms of Jesus ministry, he is the fulfilment of Covenants which are named after Abraham, David and Moses: faith, kingship and Temple.