Part of following Jesus is learning to make wise decisions.

There are many things in life that are determined for us, in which we trust the Lord who is sovereignly in charge. Yet, the joy and adventure of Jesus is that he gives us the ability to make choices and decisions in life. The nature of the decision is not always simply right versus wrong. It may be that both options are right and Jesus wants us to seek him in the midst of the decision process.

With that in mind, here are seven principles to consider as you seek the Lord’s leading in your life:

  • Have I honestly sought the Lord about what he wants?

    • Do I believe God has a plan for me? (Psa 32:8; 37:23; Rom 8:28; Rom 12:2; Jn 7:17)

    • Do I have a double mind?  (Jam 1:3-8; Num 22:12-16)

  • What does the Scriptures have to say about it?

    • Am I compromising my relationship with Him? (Psa 119:105; Pro 6:23)
  • What do the people of God have to say about it?

    • Nobody can tell you what you should do, but they can advise (Pro 15:22; 12:15; Heb 13:7, 17)
  • As we follow Him, God gives us the desires of our heart

    • Does it grab me?  Can I imagine myself doing it? (Psa 37:1-5, 23-24)

    • God leaves ample room for our own initiative: (Rom 12:11; Pro 24:30-34; Gal 6:9; Col 1:10; Is 54:2-3)

  • God’s will for His people always brings glory to himself, and a peace to us

    • Can I do it to the glory of Jesus Christ with peace in my heart & mind ? (Phil 4:7)

    • Some personal tests: 2Co 13:5; 1Th 4:3; Psa 66:18; 1Th 5:17-18; 1Pe 2:15; 4:19)

    • NT teaching: we do not know the future (Act 18:21; 1Co 4:19; 16:7; Jam 4:15)

  • Is there an open door (Rev 3:8)

    • Providential circumstances may indicate his will (1Co 7:20)                  
    • Where is God working? (Jn 5:17)                                                                       
    • Satan does hinder (1Th 2:18)
  • Our cooperation is necessary (1Co 11:31-32; 3:9; Phil 2:12-13; Rom 12:1-2


  • Andrew Berry

    Marcia and Andrew were with OM in the 80’s and rejoined in 2012. Ordained by the Christian & Missionary Alliance, they served churches in the USA and then in France and are blessed with 2 children, their respective spouses and grandchildren. Their experience pastoring local churches has given them a passion to assist and encourage church planting.