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“We just don’t have any need for ‘God’ anymore. Science explains how the universe works, and what causes things to grow, and what weather to expect. We should only live by what we can prove – not by what some people just believe.”

Three helpful points, the ABC of this question:


Christianity and science are giving answers to different questions. Science asks questions like: What is this substance? When did that things take place? How did that thing happen?

The beginning of the Bible, on the other hand, is much more concerned with the questions: Who made this? Why did they make it? Why are we here? So we shouldn’t expect the Bible to offer us answers to What, When, and How questions: but we shouldn’t look to science to tell us Who made everything, or Why we are here.


Everyone has beliefs which they can’t back up with scientific evidence – even scientists! So some scientists believe that there is no God (without being able to test scientifically that belief). And some scientists believe that there is a God (and they can’t test that scientifically, either). And what people believe affects how they look at the world. One scientist might believe the start of the universe (however and whenever it happened) was caused by God; another might believe it began randomly, because there is no God.

But both views about God are a matter of belief, not scientific evidence.

So, science can’t prove Christianity wrong, nor can it prove it’s right. It can’t prove or disprove the existence of a God who works through science, as the Bible claims that the Creator God does.

The big question becomes: Does this God of the Bible, who controls his world and usually uses what we call scientific processes to do so, actually exist?


Again, it comes back to Jesus. He once said to a storm on a sea “‘Quiet! Be still’ Then the wind died down, and it was completely calm” (Mark 4:39).

Here’s this God who controls everything, including scientific processes. He is in charge of science (he invented it!). The more we discover about how this world works, the more we see how ingenious its designer is.


“So science doesn’t have the last word about everything. What does Christianity say about the point of life?”

“So God’s in charge of the world. Why does he allow suffering?


Thanks to the internet, we have an incredible number of resources at our fingertips. In an abundance of information, however, the challenge is often finding the right thing to study. With this in mind, we’ve curated this list of articles and videos for you as you continue your investigation into the topic explored in this article.


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