This study guide is a part of our sermon series ‘Sojourners: Faith in Exile’ in 1 Peter. If you haven’t already watched the sermon on this passage, you can do so on our sermons archive page. We hope this document is helpful in getting to know the Lord Jesus better as well as what he has spoken to us in the scriptures. You can also click the button below to download the study guide as a PDF.



  • Have you endured sorrow because of unjust suffering in your place of work?  Was it for God or for some other reason?

  • What is the key to working under a harsh boss (Eph. 6:5-9; Col. 3:22-24)?

  • Identify something specific you can do to honour your employer this week, and do it!


  • Patterning our lives after Jesus (1 Pet. 2:21) means we are called to suffer.  How have you seen God’s grace in that suffering?
  • We need encouragement to persevere in suffering (Acts 14:22). Can you think of someone who needs your encouragement today – do it!


  • We are meant to pattern our lives after Jesus (1 Pet. 2:21). Paul says, “follow me, as I follow Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1). Read 1 Cor. 4:14-17. Who has been an example of Christ for you to follow? What did they do and how did they do it? How can you do the same for others?


  • Read 1 Peter 2:23-25 and Isaiah 52:13-53:12. Can you find reference to Christ as our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King?

  • Listen to Suffering Servant by The Modern Post. Spend a few moments reflecting on the fact that Christ “bore [your] sins in his body” and contemplating his death.


  • Read 1 Peter. 2:24 and Col. 3:5-17. Where do you need to die to sin so you can live to righteousness? Or to put it another way: do you have any sin that needs to be put to death?
  • Confess it and repent. Ask the Lord Jesus to fill you with his Spirit.

  • Read 1 John 1:9. Thank him for his forgiveness.


  • Read Psalm 37. Do you believe that God really does love justice and will not forsake his saints? Where do you need to entrust yourself to the One who judges justly (1 Pet. 2:23)?



  • Timothy Berry

    Tim and Renske met and were married in Toulouse, France. They have three wonderful children: Matthijs, Anouk, and Jaana. Before planting City Church Wolverhampton, they served at Mendham Hills Community Church in Chester, NJ as the Pastor of Worship Arts. Tim is ordained by the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA).