This study guide is a part of our sermon series ‘Sojourners: Faith in Exile’ in 1 Peter. If you haven’t already watched the sermon on this passage, you can do so on our sermons archive page. We hope this document is helpful in getting to know the Lord Jesus better as well as what he has spoken to us in the scriptures. You can also click the button below to download the study guide as a PDF.



  • passage for Christian leaders especially, but for all of us to see how we are doing. An elder is someone who is mature in the Christian Faith. Each of us should aim to be mistaken for an elder because of our godly lives.

  • Read 1 Tim. 3:1-13 and Tit. 1:6-9.  How do you do in these lists? Give yourself a number from 1-10, have you seen improvement in the last year?  Would your spouse say the same?


  • When will the glory be revealed, what does it mean for us (Rom. 8:23-30)? How do you think about heaven: are you excited, or too comfortable here on earth? Be an alien!


  • Notice the three contrasts in v2-3. How are you doing when you work in the church for your Lord? Are you eager to serve, do you Lord it over others?

  • Do you find it easy to lead by example? Are there any areas where you tend to hypocrisy (ie. ‘do as I say, not as I do’)?

  • Read Matt. 20:25-28. Are you a servant?


  • Who owns the flock, who bought it, and what with (Acts 20:28)?

  • Read Jn 21:15-17. Who is under your care, how do you feed them, tend them?


  • What is the Christian working for, contrast this with the worlds? Are you working for that which fades or that which is eternal? Be specific! (1 Cor 9:25)


  • Think again on Jesus the Shepherd (c.f. 1 Pet 2:25). What is it that Shepherds do?  Read John 10:11-18, Heb. 13:20-21, Ezek. 34:11-19, & Ps. 23, for some more ideas about the Shepherd.

  • Listen to King of Love by I Am They and reflect on what you’ve read.


  • Have you ever prayed for humility? Don’t – It is a command to be obeyed – Humble yourself! Think aright about yourself before God and act wisely.

  • Listen to All I Have Is Christ by Sovereign Grace Worship. Make Jesus you only boast!


  • Andrew Berry

    Marcia and Andrew were with OM in the 80’s and rejoined in 2012. Ordained by the Christian & Missionary Alliance, they served churches in the USA and then in France and are blessed with 2 children, their respective spouses and grandchildren. Their experience pastoring local churches has given them a passion to assist and encourage church planting.